Paper ID Paper Title Authors Country
8 Bézier curve-based path planning with drivable region Joon Chun ( Chungbuk National University)*; Jongho Shin (Chungbuk National University ) Korea
9 TOSS: Real-time Tracking and Moving Object Segmentation for Static Scene Mapping Seoyeon Jang (KAIST)*; Minho Oh (KAIST); Byeongho Yu (KAIST); I Made Aswin Nahrendra (KAIST); Seungjae Lee (KAIST); Hyungtae Lim (KAIST); Hyun Myung (KAIST) Korea
25 Evaluating the Energy Consumption of Path Planning Algorithms: A Comparative Study of A*, Dijkstra and Probabilistic Roadmap Mingyu Wu (Jiaxing Vocational and Technical College)*; Haoyu Jiang (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Che Fai Yeong (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Lee Ming Eileen Su (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia); Chenguang Yang (UWE); William Holderbaum (Manchester Metropolitan University) Malaysia
44 Simulation for Multi-sensors-based Autonomous Robot Jiajie Wang ( Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University); Keming Zhuang (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University); qinglei bu (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)*; Mark P Leach (xi’an jiaotong liverpool university); jie Sun (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University ) China
47 Shape-Sensitive Loss for Catheter and Guidewire Segmentation Chayun Kongtongvattana (University of Liverpool)*; Baoru Huang (Imperial College London); Jingxuan Kang (University of Liverpool); Hoan Nguyen Cong (University of Information Technology – VNUHCM); Olufemi Olajide (Alder Hey Children’s Hospital); Anh Nguyen (University of Liverpool) UK